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Quarantine Queen, The Female Eye & other fabulous people

Quarantine Queen, The Female Eye & other fabulous people

The book is a selection from images shot over a period of twelve years, showing Anna"s style of capturing people in a creative, poetic and sometimes mysterious way. 

Quarantine Queen is a photographic endeavour created at home, depicting the emotional roller coast of isolation. When the pandemic hit Sweden spring 2020, it changed everything. Anna"s frustration and creative restlessness resulted in a photographic self-portrait project about a fictional persona called Quarantine Queen, shot at home. Quarantine Queen can be many things; entertaining, thoughtful, miserable, angry, frustrated and sometimes an extreme exhibitionist. 

The Female Eye is a fine art nude series raising questions about what makes a person a subject or an object in an image. The key words are integrity and strength. The Female Eye was shot during 2018 and 2019 and was internationally awarded. It was also selected for exhibition at the Festival Européen de la Nu in Arles, France 2019.

Passion of Portraits is a compilation of Anna"s best portraits of models, artists, singers and interesting people. Some of these images have travelled the world themselves, being displayed at opera houses in New York, Paris and Tokyo.


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